Incontinence Issues

As we age our bodies change, and we may develop a variety of health issues. When it comes to accidental urination and leakage it can be a very humiliating and embarrassing situation. There are several options to help you with this problem. We are going to talk about easy tips to deal with incontinence, you will learn about the different products you can use and some of the ways you can prevent accidents.
When you first discover you have some bladder leakage, make an appointment with your doctor to rule out a medical reason. Most people that suffer from this, their doctor will tell them this is normal for older people and that the bladder muscles are not as strong as they were when you were younger. The news from your doctor should be a relief to you.
After you know you have leaking problems, get yourself on a schedule to use the restroom every few hours. If you are forgetful, set an alarm clock or a kitchen timer, each time it goes off you know it is time to use the bathroom facilities. This works for people that are in the beginning stages of bladder weakness. Later you will probably need to use pads and other types of protection.


There are incontinent pads similar to feminine pads that are specially made for a leaking bladder. The companies make one for a women and another that contours to the body of a man. Most of them have an adhesive that sticks to undergarments. No one can tell that either sex is wearing one, so it is easy to go into public without being concerned about it.
When this condition becomes more than just a leak, you might want to look into adult diapers. They can absorb a lot and can handle a lot of liquid. They are to be worn just like an undergarment and then place a pair of slacks or a dress over them. It an idea  to carry a couple of these in your car. If you are going out for the day, you will have them.
For those who have problems getting up in the middle of the night and accidentally wet the bed, you can buy similar items that take care of that too. The first one is a waterproof mattress cover. It is generally made of thick plastic and can be wiped clean with a disinfectant and dried. They do make a waterproof bottom sheet you place this on top of the mattress, and then you make up the bed as normal.
Most of these type products can be mail-ordered online and by telephone. This is especially useful when you are buying in bulk. You also save money buying large amounts of a particular product. It is mailed to you in a box that is very discrete since there is no label on it, that way no one knows what you are getting.
At this point, you have been given easy tips to deal with incontinence. Remember to keep a bathroom schedule with a kitchen timer. Have the necessary products in your home when you need them. If you decide to bulk buy you will save a few dollars. Most of all go see your doctor to make sure you are healthy.